Jasmine Bridesmaids is known for its simplistic nature and structured draping to make every Bridesmaid feel Chic and Elegant. Any bridesmaid can find a JB style that compliments her curves with its carefully designed necklines and contoured silhouettes.


B2 is known for its Relaxed and Sophisticated looks that appeals to almost any Bridesmaid. B2 not only maintains comfort with stretch lining in every style, but the range of handpicked fabrics offer versatility to any wedding story. The array of necklines flatters any size and shape to make her feel comfortable and beautiful.


Belsoie is both Romantic and Luxurious, which gives Bridesmaids the fashion statement they are looking for. You’ll see two new fabrics- Metallic Chiffon and Ombré Tulle, while still showcasing our most popular Stripe Sequin dresses.  From boho chic to glitz and glam, there’s a dress for every party.


Over the years, styles continually change, but our designs have always remained true to our original high standards of craftsmanship. Each dress is created using the finest quality fabrics, materials, and with an absolute attention to detail and design.