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Bridal Shopping

Frequently asked questions

“Do I need an appointment to try on dresses?”

We definitely recommend booking an appointment! This ensures that you and your guest get your own private room and personal stylist to help you find you dream bridal gown!

What are you hours?

We are open Monday through Saturday by appointment only. We are closed on Sundays.

“When should I start shopping for my dress?”

We recommend about 8-12 months before your wedding day. This way you are able to see all the latest styles but don’t incur any rush fees or designers' limitations. We also suggest you shop only when you're ready to say yes!

“How far in advance should I book?”

For a Saturday appointment we recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance. 

However, if you are available during a weekday, we can usually accommodate bookings with 24-hour notice.

How many quests can I bring to my appointments?”

You can bring as many quests as you like! When choosing who to bring keep in mind that too many opinions can be overwhelming so bring those who are most important to you.

“What should I bring to my appointment?”

Some brides like to bring their own strapless bra, spanks, and even shoes. None of which are required or necessities. Don't forget a positive and open attitude!

“What’s the price range of your dresses?”

Our traditional bridal gowns start at $700 -$2,300.

The majority of our gowns are priced between $900 - $1,500.

Informal gowns range between $150 - $300.

We are happy to work with any budget!

“Do you have plus size dresses?

Beauty comes in every style and shape, which is why we have over 40 sample gowns in sizes 16 to 26. We also carry several designers dedicated to complimenting and accentuating the curvy girls figure, no matter their size. Focus on how you feel in the dress and not the number on the tag!

“How do I now I have found THE dress?”

Some brides have an overwhelming reaction, such as crying or knowing as soon as you step into "the dress". For other brides it is not as dramatic – if you can picture yourself on your day, it showcases your style and you feel amazing in it – that’s the ONE! It's that simple!

“What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is when a store receives a designer’s newest collection to showcase in their store for a limited time! It’s a chance for brides to try on dresses that usually are not in the store and there typically is a buying incentive during the event!

So be ready to say "YES!"

“Who should I bring to my appointment?”

We recommend bringing the 2-3 people whos opinions you value most.

Your quests should understand your true style, give supportive feedback, and help you choose your best look.

Do you have any additional questions? Message us on social media or at

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